My cat became frantic as soon as the car began to move.

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None of the girls is a student.

Starting from tomorrow, Safwan will be a student at Malaya University.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

It gets worse.

What time's your flight?

I didn't sleep.

Can you tell Tuna that I'll call him later?

Dreams flew out of that box when it was opened: dreams of secrets written in disappearing ink and of overwhelming odors.

I've already talked to Jitendra about that matter.

Your technical manager arranged a meeting for 1:00 p.m. on April 6, but how about April 7, at 10:00 a.m.?

The night is upon us.

Language is a code.

With great effort he climbed up the tree.

During an experiment on powers of observation, Andries was unable to describe any of the pictures hanging on his living room wall, despite having lived in his unit for two years.

We are a people as all other peoples; we do not have any intentions to be better than the rest. As one of the first conditions for equality we demand the right to have our own villains, exactly as other people have them.

Do you want the details now?

Rhonda swore to keep it a secret.

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Hell is other people.

This isn't logical.

Ahmet refused to eat his lunch.

I hastened here to give the dear departed my last, very sad farewell.

Tyler heard a voice behind him.

Please add a period at the end of your sentence.

I wish they'd play this song over and over again.

I believe in friendship.

And so each citizen plays an indispensable role.

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You're starting to bore me.

I'm the guy who has the tickets.

Please classify these books by subject.

This is the rough draft of the peace treaty.

Why aren't they back?

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I don't want to be used.

Why did you want to speak to me?

The whole building has been put at our disposal.

When we go to visit France we need a Visa.

The most beloved people in the world are the spontaneous.

Can you take on the job?

The glaring light is hurtful to the eyes.


He needs a hand.


I'm sure I can help.

The charity is named after a man who gave away some two billion yen.

Everyone looked at him like he was crazy.

I want to get to the bank before it closes.

I thought our boss was stubborn as a mule but actually he has his cute side.

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This house is large enough for your family to live in.

Students are open to the influence of their teachers.

Nothing will take me away from you.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

With all her faults, I like her.

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She's so young.

Please wake me up at six tomorrow.

Now that Sugih is unemployed, he has quite a bit of free time.


What you don't see and hear with your own ears and eyes might be true, but it might also not be true.


I have work for him.


Who should I be talking to?


Lets play video games or something.

We heard you.

I met him in the crowd.

Jesse didn't want to harm Lenora.

You're the prettiest woman I've ever seen.

Dr. Thatcher diagnosed her patient with generalized anxiety disorder because his symptoms didn't point to other diagnoses.

I can't wait to tell them.

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Do you want to know who I really am?


Are you sure you wouldn't like anything else?

I need someone up here immediately.

Fabio's car is parked in front of Elena's house.

Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book.

I keep a journal.



He works as a teacher, but actually he is a spy.

It was good.


A lot has happened.

Do you have anything else to say to me?

I think I heard something.

The sum of the ignorance of the Republican candidates in the primaries for the U.S. presidential election is simply mind-boggling: one is afraid that China will obtain nuclear weapons, which they have had for 44 years, and the other proposes to close the U.S. embassy in Iran, which has been closed for 32 years... Such stupidity at the head of the world's most powerful country gives one the shivers!

Lori must've sold us out.

They were drafted.

This play was well received by the press.

Seahenge is a Bronze Age monument located near Holme-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.

I'll never kiss Emma again.

What are you going to do over the weekend?

Pskov is in the south of Russia.

Peter showed due respect to his teacher.

Several American warships were sent to Panama.

His hands were blue because of the cold.

Jiri is a graduate.

That's sad.

I'm sorry if this comes as a shock, but I don't care what you think.

This store has the best selection of hats in town.

You need to persuade Tuna to confess.

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I just came from my house.

Get it off your chest.

"Hello? May I speak with Milner?" "Please wait a moment."


What are you going to do when the one you love does not love you.

You didn't have to come so early.

I appreciate your confidence.

Donal has helped me countless times.

Japanese women are believed to be very clever with their hands.

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Try and do it.

Without music, life would be an error. The German imagines even God singing songs.

You hurt me, Jeanette.

Ah, really?

The soup tastes of garlic.

George Washington was born in 1732.

He asked me for help.

He convinced me that I was in the wrong.

It was her idea to sell the house.

I wish somebody would tell me what to do.

Santa looks a little skeptical.


The party's Friday.

That's exactly what I wanted to do.

They are both unmarried.

Narendra works as a blood spatter analyst with the metropolitan police.

The guard grabbed her.

Sue has a big bottom, but she doesn't care.

Shouldn't we at least call Stacy?


She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the good news.


One thing that won't change is how much I love you.


Please come back later.

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You're lucky nobody saw you leave.

I turned one off.

I don't make faces at them.

I made haste for fear that I should miss the bus.

Rudy ate all of Mitchell's yoghurt, but replaced it with the wrong brand.

Heroes like that are the pride of one's country.

A miser hoards money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.

She is devoted to her three children.

It must be here.


I think it according to reason.

I thought he loved you, but as it is, he loved another girl.

Shawn usually goes to school by bicycle.


He turned over in bed.

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I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.


Do you think I care if he likes me?

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People can't do a lot of things at the same time.

Don't count Butler out yet.

It is abnormal to have the heart on the right side.


I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.


I guess that works.

The feast was so boring that I took flight almost immediately.

You're old enough to understand.

Stop there.

Hello, how's business?

You should obey all traffic laws.

It was a ghost town during the war.


Food is still scarce in the region.

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He made a speech.


The students sat in a circle.

Dawson drank a glass of red wine.

No other mountain in the world is as tall as Mt. Everest.

Take her with you.

I know what's on your mind.

Marlena believes in God.

Jaded zombies acted quietly but kept driving their oxen forward.

Jarl isn't as intelligent as Keith.

No one is perfect.

She wanted to show off her cleverness during class, but she failed.

What'll you give me?

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I'm happy with the way things are.

You can't go out with your friends until you clean your room.

This bad practice will gradually die out.


We do know that.